Hey guys~~!! :D

I feel like BLOGGING again after reading ur's blog~~ credited to shapo amoeba and little girl mun yee~

I'm not sure whether u guys are reading this or not, but I'm gonna write my FIRST english post!

For the very first time, I blogging by typing in english, haha! xp

I have never ever think about to write in english before this, perhaps this is the starting point for me to write in english (the first and the last..?) LOL~

Hopefully there are not many grammar mistakes here...hehe~ 



I think I'm quite stressed out recently because of those assignments and exams...><

A lot of task awaiting me to get them done. @@

Research writing tutorial in SPSS, Accounting tutorial, Community Nutrition 24 hours recall, Food safety assignment, Postharvest assignment, Research writing assignment...and next week I'm gonna have Community nutrition mid-term exam, Marketing quiz, and the week after is Food safety mid-term exam...

ARgghhhh...how I can get all these done as soon as possible??

I understand the theory that "sweet come first then bitter come later", I was too relax and enjoyed during my mid semester break until I didn't manage to get myself on the track to finish all those tasks...or at least half done...><



Well~ let's not talk about those annoying stuff...talk a little on what am I concerning recently~

The good news is...I got an interview invitation from Nestle~~~!! Happy happy~~~ \(^_^)/

Actually they hire third party to conduct the interview for internship recruitment, the company called Recruitment Express. Honestly I never heard about this company but it is located in Wisma Standard Chartered KL, just opposite Wisma Genting and nearby Pavilion.

Still remember the moment I got the call from them, I quickly ran from my middle-hall into bedroom, just to ensure I didn't missed out any single thing from the lady who is going to interview me.

I was kinda excited when she told me she is calling on behalf of Nestle for the recruitment!! haha~~ but very soon I had made myself calm down, and  try to act pro while answering her questions...lol~~~ xp

I was shouting "YES~~!!!" after the call ended, and telling my mom about this good news~ (like I'm accepted already...xp)

But I have a bit regret now as i didn't perform my best in the interview session... For your information, I was having sore throat on that day, this happened as usual when I simply eat without considering the type of food, fried or steam?? whatever nice food I will just put inside my mouth...haha~~

And, the result is, i got sore throat...T.T I hate sore throat since secondary school, because it will make me feel less energetic. I bet I had not perform at my best level that day. Maybe it was just my personal feelings, but I am keen to know my result.   


There are a few questions asked by the interviewer, Mr Wayne, I would say that quite tough for me, as I didn't prepare a good answer for the questions. The lady didn't turn up for my interview, I heard she was off that day.


The questions are likely to be as below:

Why are you think that Nestle should hire you?

Tell me what you had learned in your course, explain to me your field of study in Food Science and Nutrition.

How can you help Nestle to build their brand by applying what you had learned in your course?

Why are you choosing Nestle to complete your intership but not others food company?

Could you tell me anything regarding Nestle? What u know about Nestle?

Are you applying others company as well? what company are them?


I can't say that I answered perfectly all these super tough questions, but I had try to make it sounds logic and feasible...I really hope that I could have my internship in Nestle to gain the experience there before step into the real working life.


And the best part is, the next day after the interview, I got a call from another company, Nature Farm. It is a
supplement product company and selling these supplement products in a shop.

They offer my this job with quite a good salary, which made me re-consider about this company...even I just had my interview...hahaha~~

My job scope at there will be a nutritionist based on retail outlet, which I think is a quite simple and
comfortable job for me.

Unlike Nestle, they require their internship students to be top in academic as well as in workings. Then I might be tension to work there, and I have to work hard and work smart in order to get a good grade.

Now, I'm still waiting reply from Nestle...although I already called up and they said have to wait until next week again, but I still think I have a big chance to get the offer.

Even though I didn't manage to get Nestle, I would still have the chance to get Nature Farm.

Now I just pray and let God do the rest~ :D


Think that is long enough, I am sleepy now..@@ off to bed~~~

Tata~ GOOD NIGHT~!! sweeeet dreamzzzz~~ ^^


P.S: leave ur footprint here, let me know that u've been here...;)

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